Burton Process 3D Snowboard



A progression-hungry special edition of the freestyle deck Mark McMorris rides daily. Whether youa (TM) re stomping triple corks or your first 360, unlock your full potential with this specially crafted edition of the ever-popular Process. V-Rockera"" fuels progression with continuous, catch-free rocker freedom from tip to tail. Similar in versatility but softer flexing than the legendary Custom, the Process 3DA (R) is geared for the freestyle rider, but very capable of all-mountain adventure. * BEND: V-Rocker * SHAPE: Twin * FLEX: Twin * CORE: NEW Super Fly with Dualzone EGD and Squeezebox * FIBERGLASS: Triax * BASE: Extruded * FEATURES: 3D Mounting Interface, Scoop, Frostbite Edges, and Infinite Ride * ARTIST: Dave Waldron (www.davewaldronphoto.com) * Diecut Base Color Combinations May Vary

Burton Process 3D Snowboard Review

I'm a little disappointed time of shipping, my relative got his Burton Process 3D Snowboard much more quickly, but I have to say that the product compansate the waiting time. It's really magnificent.