CND 197 Rouge Rite



WHAT IT IS Rouge Rite is a seductive cool deep red creme. WHAT IT DOES Turn up the contrast with the new Fall 2015 Contradictions collection from CND. Textures and tones collide for an unexpected elegance leather and lace street and chic metal and pearl. VINYLUX trade is a breakthrough polish system that endures a week of fashion perfection hellip without a base coat Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending technology creating an enduring long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. VINYLUX is available in a multitude of fashion-forward polish colors with over 60 colors that match popular CND Shellac trade shades.

CND 197 Rouge Rite Review

I know many products in this branch and the CND 197 Rouge Rite is the easiest to use and has many cool features.