POC Skull Comp 2.0 Helmet



The Skull Comp 2.0 is the ultimate race helmet, with ultimate style. After finding that repeated impact with gates can deform the inner liner without showing on the outer shell the core material was changed to multi Impact EPP. As these impacts can compromise the effectiveness of the liner, but not show, the switch to EPP was necessary to guarantee that the helmet can function properly even after hard gate hits. On top of the liner a thin Aramid membrane penetration barrier makes sure nothing can puncture through the shell without compromising the cushioning characteristics of the shell. To optimize energy absorption Supracor, pneumatic honeycomb pads of polyurethane, are inserted into the EPP multi impact liner so if catastrophic fall were to happen potential damage is reduced greatly. The Skull Comp 2.0 is designed to offer peak performance against high impact situations. Plus, it looks great in a wide variety of colors. LD Foam Lining - Comfortable Foam Padding That Can Be Changed And Cleaned Easily, Injected PC/ABS Shell - Allows For Tapering And Zoning For Best Strength To Weight Ratio, Supracor - Honeycomb Sandwich Integrated Into The Helmet Core For Progressive Energy Absorption, Aramid Membrane - Between The Shell And EPP Core Prevents Penetration, EPP Core - Optimized To Work With Supracor Allows For Multi Impact Performance, This Helmet Fits with the POC Slalom Chin Guard Only, GTIN: 7332522267818, Model Number: 10111 112 M/L, Product ID: 243207, Model Year: 2015, Category: Race, Shell Construction: Hybrid, Year Round Capable: No, Adjustability: None, Ventilation: Fixed, Brim/Visor: No, Audio: Not Compatible, Category: Race, Race: Yes, Gender: Mens, Warranty: One Year, Certifications: EN 1077 - Class A

POC Skull Comp 2.0 Helmet Review

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