Sidi Kaos Carbon Road Shoes



SIDI Kaos Carbon Road Shoes. Known for their stiff soles, SIDI shoes have raised the standard of what a race shoe should provide for its wearer. SIDI's new Kaos shoe is built to keep its shape in all types of weather and conditions and many features are replaceable so the shoe can last for years to come. The Kaos shoe is made with SIDI's Millennium 4 Carbon Sole--the latest in sole design. The Millennium is made of Nylon injected with carbon fiber that makes it 37% stiffer than the traditional nylon sole and provides excellent power transfer to the pedals. While stiff, the sole has enough flexion so blood circulates and the foot doesn't cramp. The carbon sole lasts through many miles of riding under all conditions because it doesn't absorb moisture and resists deterioration that can be caused by high mileage or extreme temperatures. An anti-slip toe insert and a replaceable polyurethane heel pad are integral parts of the design. The stiff heel pad is another feature that ensures leg power is directly transferred to the pedal. The heel pad securely closes the back of the shoe around the heel and above the heel bone. This closure completely eliminates heel lift and increases how much leg power is harnessed. Riders can micro-adjust the closures across the forefoot with the Tecno 3 Precision Ratchet closure. You can twist two buttons at the forefront until you find the exact tension needed for complete comfort. The wire used in the Tecno 3 has been improved so on-the-bike adjustments are smoother and more exact. The Tecno 3 is replaceable, another factor that extends the life of this SIDI cycling shoe. Additionally, the Caliper Buckle ratchets at the top of the shoe can be adjusted in both directions. This is enables smooth, on-the-fly micro-adjustments for an overall better ride.

Sidi Kaos Carbon Road Shoes Review

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