Streets Of Barcelona Skateboard DVD



Barcelona is fast becoming the skate capital of the world, with innumerable aspects conspiring to create the most amenable environment to the sport. The climate makes it possible to skate year-round, the authorities are lax, and the dynamic hip-hop/ graffiti/ street culture ensures plenty of like-minded people. Every skateboarder yearns for the streets of Barcelona, and here, host Gerrardemy and the STREETS crew provide a tour of everything the city has to offer, including the best skate spots, an inside view of the scene, tips about the nightlife and street art, and of course, plenty of hot skating footage. Accompanied by a soundtrack that is comprised of up-and-coming artists such as DJ Design, Mutt, Mophono, Prawgress, Romanowski, Mizzo, Kingone, and more, this video tour is the next best thing to being there.The Morrow Fury 151cm SnowboardDirectional shape for both freestyle and freeride performance360 3D Structural cap provides strength and responsiveness360 Edge protection

Streets Of Barcelona Skateboard DVD Review

Nice and very style. But there are some negatives too. Probably I would buy Streets Of Barcelona Skateboard DVD again.