The Ad Bag



Constructed from reinforced vinyl mesh, seatbelt, and inner tube, the Ad Bag is a strong and lightweight carryall. In this tote bagas former life it was most likely a big star hanging up high on a billboard or building in downtown Seattle. But the life of a big shot advertisement is brief. So we stepped in and gave the ad a second, more utilitarian life as a tote bag hauling your groceries and things around. The Ad Bag is perfect for the gym, beach, a picnic, overnight, carryon and more. You can always toss it in the washing machine after a hard day. Random color straps and random vinyl mesh colors and patterns. Alchemy Disclaimer: Due to the nature of any recycled material, Alchemy bags which are constructed with recycled bike inner tubes often show wear and unique markings associated with them. The pictures represented may not be exactly identical to the products you receive.

The Ad Bag Review

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