Triple-Display Weather Station Alarm Clock



Triple display weather station alarm clock is beautifully constructed of heavyweight die cast metal and see through acrylic flags with large LCD displays. Top flag features a 12/24 hour alarm clock with snooze control, middle LCD flag display gives graphic visual forecast for Sunny, party cloudy, cloudy or rain while showing current temperature,relative humidity, atmospheric pressure tendency indicator, and comfort level indicator. The bottom flag display alternates between display of the month, date, day and atmospheric pressure in millibars (700 - 1050mba) complete with a six-position memory. The memory captures the atmospheric pressure (mba) readings for the previous six hours helping to forecast a trend. The three flag displays are internally-lit by green LED lights that are activated with a motion sensor in the base, which engages with a tap of your fingers on the base. Additionally, this LED light feature can be switched off if desired. Each unit operates on two AAA batteries (included) .

Triple-Display Weather Station Alarm Clock Review

Something still missing. This is not my best weather stations.